America’s best big bank for the third year in a row

Overall rating is 


  • It has an overall rating of 4.5 star.
  • Capital One is a hybrid financial institution.
  • Offer cafes in select locations.
  • There are no month to month expenses or least parity prerequisites for checking, and no base adjusts for investment accounts. 
  • No-expense access to in excess of 39,000 ATMs. 
  • Its mobile bank app highly user friendly.


  • Rates on deposits are low compared with the best nationally available APYs.
  • In scenario where customers who sign up for an overdraft protection scheme and defaulted to replace overdrawn amounts in a auspicious fashion, attracts a$35 per transaction.
  • there is no access to bank offices, for those living in the north and central part of the country.

Money market accounts is 3.7

No ATM card or check-writing privileges for Capital One 360 Money Market holders and ATM card not available for the 360 Savings account.
customers can track their savings goals


  • Gives a competitive yield.
  • Zero monthly maintenance fees.
  • Zero minimum balance to keep the account open.
  • The Capital One 360 Money Market account Serves an APY which is top APYs offered nationwide.
  • Must keep a $10,000 balance to qualify an earn from the top yield.
  • Zero option to receive an ATM/debit card.
  • check-writing ability NOT available.
  • The Capital One 360 Money Market account needs a minimum of $10,000 to qualify an earn from the top APY. There are options with higher APYs and lower minimum balance requirements available.

CD is rated 4.8


  • Zero minimum deposit needed to open a CD.
  • Pays competitive rates.
  • Account holders can receive interest disbursements monthly or annually based on personal choice.
  • Interest accrues daily and compounds monthly for all CDs deposits.
  • Customers are allowed to open up to 50 CDs at a time.
  • Interest compounds monthly rather than daily.
  • Other online banks pay higher yields.
  • there is a penalty for withdrawing early is three months of interest For CDs with terms of 12 months or fewer, and  penalty for withdrawing early is six months of interest For CDs with terms longer than 12 months.

Savings accounts is rated 4.3

  • Zero monthly services fees on the 360 Savings account.
  • The mobile app allows you to make mobile deposits and set up an automated savings plan.
  • Savings account offers 10 times the national average for all balances
  • doesn’t have a minimum balance requirement.
  •  there is not a tiered chances to get more interest if you deposit more money.
  • There are much higher APY options available on other online banks.
  • Savings account doesn’t give an option for an ATM card.

Checking accounts is rated 5.0

  • Customers are given interest for all balances.
  • Zero dollar monthly fee and minimum balance.
  • 3 fee-free options to escape overdraft charges.
  • Account is free to keep and open
  • Gives a first checkbook for free.
  • Customers don’t have access to many offices.
  • Majority of account holders will earn > 1 % APY.

Citibank Bank 

Overall rating is 4.2


  • larges banking institution on the globe, Citibank presents unique advantages that is accompanied with scale, including global coverage in terms of branches and ATMs.
  • Citi’s online banking portal is very well recognized, offering excellent ease of use, a very good mobile banking friendly app and other financial management on the mobile apps.
  • Various customization alerts help in managing your accounts.

  • Offers lowest yield rate on deposit products.
  • Charges monthly fees if accounts gets below minimum balance thresholds.
  • All savings accounts,require $100 account minimum opening balance.

    Savings accounts is rated 3.5


  • Account gives a top-tier APY.
  • Citi offers ThankYou Points when your savings is linked to a qualified checking account and enrolled in Citi ThankYou Rewards.
  • Checks can be deposited using the Citi Mobile Check Deposit Service.


  • Only in select markets is the top APY available
  • The banking experience more complicated than at other institutions. Numerous banking option.

CD is rated 4.5

  • Lower Yields compared to other online banks.
  • Shorter Grace period before automatic renewal is 7 days rather than 10 days).
  • CD can only be funded from a linked Citibank account.

  • daily compounded Interest.
  • To open a CD,a low minimum deposit required .
  • More saving, more interest, depending on the CD term.

Checking accounts is rated 3.7

  • Zero dollar required to open an account.
  • Every balances earn interest with tiered rates.
  • Free of out of network ATMs usage.

  • Service fee of $30 monthly is required
  • Customers with insufficient funds are charged $34 and up to $136 per day.

Money market accounts is rated 3.7

  • Account has check-writing advantages.
  • Account got a competitive 3-month interest rate but the higher rate is not for long, hence why the APY is so low.
  • The Citi Savings comes with check writing privileges but this option is disabled for Access Account Package.)

  • Keep the maximum standard APY on $500,000 or more, rather than focusing a short-lived introductory rate.
  • standard APY in Citibank isn't competitive .
  • Non-introductory APYs is higher out there at other institutions.

Wells Fargo Bank

Overall rating is at 4.1

Wells Fargo has a large physical presence of bank institution in the U.S, with Over 6,000 branches and 13,000 ATMs,
  • Overdraft Consumer-friendly policies, Overdraft can be Rewind.
  • can conveniently avoid Fees on checking accounts .
  • help customers link their bank data with money management apps, like Mint, in a safer way.


  • Low Yields on CD and savings accounts..
  • There is an out-of-network ATM fee of $2.50 for checking account users.
  • Wells Fargo might be in nearly every state, but if you’re in one of the 13 states that it doesn’t have a presence in, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

Savings accounts has 4.1 rating


  • Check-writing option for Wells Fargo Platinum Savings.
  • ATM card can be obtained for Wells Fargo Platinum Savings and the Way2Save savings accounts.
  • $300 Low minimum balance on the Way2Save savings packages.


  • Youn can get much higher APYs available from other institutions.
  • The APY for this account’s falls below the national average.
  • An auto savings option is offered to waive the monthly maintenance fee, But there are alot of higher APY accounts that don’t have these types of offer and lower minimum balances -- or no minimum balance requirement.

CD rated 3.5

  • Automatic interest rate increases on step rate CD
  • Daily compounded Interest.
  • if you can request Interest monthly or less frequently,.


  • Lower Yields when compared to what other banks offer.
  • Less standard CD terms are Available.

Checking accounts has been rated 3.9

  • Account can attract interest with high balances of $500 and above.
  • Avoidable monthly fee with direct deposits and for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage holders.
  • Lower interest rate compared to what’s offered by other banking institutions
  • $35 charged on Customers for each overdraft, up to $105 per day.

Money market accounts has 3.3 rating

  • Gives bonus APY on the Platinum Savings account which is a competitive 12-month APY for a physical bank. 
  • $25 is the Minimum opening deposit. 
  • they have an Introductory APY which is higher than the national average APY.


  • More stable and higher monthly bonus APYs are available on other banking industries.
  • You are required to maintain a linked Wells Fargo Prime Checking or Wells Fargo Portfolio Checking to benefit Bonus APY..This might not be the right account for those whose checking account are elsewhere, .
  • Account that don’t maintain a $3,500 minimum daily balance require $12 Monthly service fee.
  • The 12-month Bonus APY 6 times more than the national average APY on $25,000 or more down to a Bonus APY of below the national average APY on less than $24,999.99.

PNC Bank

Overall rating is 4.0

  • It encourages a top-tier APY (limited to certain states).
  • Gives free access to approximately 1,800 ATMs.
  • Offers above average online banking system.
  • The overdraft fee is higher than average, At $36.
  • Online features are not user friendly.
  • CDs can be opened only in a physical branch.

Savings accounts rated 5.0

  • PNC has High Yield Savings for a top-tier APY in particular states.
  • PNC also has High Yield Savings which gives a little over by 23 times the national average.
  • PNC has High Yield Savings account with a linked ATM card available.
  • Zero monthly service charges.
  • Standard Savings also available in  PNC banking card.
  • If you close your account within 180 days of attracts $25 fee
  • Standard Savings account yields a little above the national average APY on certain markets.
  • To get the best APY in some markets, $2,500 or more and a PNC checking account  is required.
  • Even with the PNC High Yield Savings account, there are higher APYs available.

Money market accounts with a rating of 2.8

  • Competitive earnings for a physical bank.
  • Free PNC banking card comes with this account.
  • To  get the best APY offerings, At least $100,000 is  needed for Premiere Money Market Account 
  • Lacks check writing Options.
  • compounded monthly Interest.

CD rates comes at 3.5


  • CDs has Various options available for customers.
  • Zero-penalty and step-up CDs with automated increase rate available.
  • Comparatively low minimum deposit for some CDs. 
  • compounded interest is monthly rather than daily for fixed-rate CDs.
  • Interest is credited annually for most other CDs with terms of at least one year in operation.
  • Their yields are low in comparison with other online banks.
  • CDs can be opened only in a physical bank branch.

Checking accounts rated 3.0

  • interest paid on all balances above $1.
  • Zero minimum deposit required to open an account online.
  • Reimbursed up to $10 per statement period, when using Other banking companyATM.
  • On savings products, Favorable rates is offered.

  • Checking interest rate is lower than what is offered by other banking institutions.
  • $36 for each overdraft  up to $144 per day, Customers are charged.

U.S. Bank

Overall rating is 4.1

  • Access to lot branches and to ATMs.
  • Zero overdraft fees charges on debit card purchases that are less than $5.
  • Has a cutting-edge of bank technology.
  • Avoiding some monthly fees on certain packages are higher.
  • Better earnings on savings APYs on other banks.
  • Zero retail presence on the East Coast.

Savings accounts rated 3.3

  • Has only a minimum daily  balance for $300.
  • The Standard Savings earns the same APY for all balances.
  • The minimum opening deposit is only $25 for the Standard Savings account 
  • The maintenance fee is $4, which is lower than some other banks
  • Has overdraft protection for a U.S. Bank checking account.
  • Minimal interest on Standard Savings..
  •  APY is less than national average APY.
  • Your savings can not be keeping up with inflation.

CD rates is 4.5

  • Low deposit Required.
  • Customers have access to multiple offer on CDs.
  • Low Yields compared to what other banks offer.
  • $249,999 deposit limit per customer
  • For the non-traditional CDs, a higher minimum deposit is needed.

Checking accounts rated 3.3

  • Interest can be earn on all daily balances.
  • Avoidable monthly fee is for seniors as well as for customers with higher balances.
  • Lower monthly fee compared to what other banking institutions charge.

  • The interest rate is lower than what’s offered by other financial institutions.
  • The conditions for waiving the monthly fee are steeper than those offered by other non-interest-bearing accounts.

Money market accounts has rating 4.0

  • Money Market’s top-tiered APY begins on balances of $50,000 or over.
  • ATM access to Platinum Select Money Market Accounts.
  • $100 minimum opening deposit.
  • High minimum balance of the tune of $50,000 for such a low APY returns.
  • Other banks got more competitive APYs.
  • Zero check writing privileges.

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