NFL best quarterback for 2019

1. Patrick Mahomes, Chiefs 

The prevailing league MVP is seeing some workforce change around him, however, his play last season demonstrated the amount he can raise his backs, collectors and tight closures. Mahomes has increased the expectation for every youthful firearm coming into the league.

2. Aaron Rodgers, Packers 

Rodgers is expected for a solid, MVP-like season, and he will feel revived with new, hostile disapproved of the coach in Matt LaFleur letting him free with an adaptable getting corps. LaFleur likewise will go through the Green Bay's qualities front and in the backfield to full bit of leeway.

3. Tom Brady, Patriots 

Regardless of how one estimates his play, the GOAT was "just" superhuman last season, indicating mellow decay at age 41. Brady will become acclimated to existence without Rob Gronkowski in 2019 and inclining somewhat more on the run, however, it's difficult to rank him any lower until he resigns.

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4. Drew Brees, Saints 

Brees was in that spot with Mahomes and Brady in the MVP discussion last season, and he is one of those legends many will develop to acknowledge more years not far off when they think back on how productive he was. Presently at 40, Brees in two or three years could even get known as a superior age-defier than Brady is currently.

5. Russell Wilson, Seahawks 

Wilson has had a crazy ride offseason, first getting his large agreement and afterward losing his long-lasting go-to fellow in Doug Baldwin. In any case, here's to a QB who reliably puts his group on his back, right arm and legs. Wilson should do much a greater amount of that in 2019.

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